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About TurkMarin

TurkMarin provides a portfolio of naval and shipbuilding-related services across selected market sectors. Our business attitude has been to focus on those areas of expertise that we successfully propose value.

We provide our clients with quite a wide spectrum of services - from systems engineering and project definition, to project management, ILS and advanced applications.

Using industry’s best practices, we work with our clients to deliver high budget, high-tech, complex projects and are committed to success at all times. The company is founded in 2006, to meet the demand for management and engineering services for Turkish Navy’s various platform projects.

Turkish Navy being the ultimate customer, TurkMarin serves to shipyards, general contractors and system integrators. International and foreign companies that operate in Turkish naval and defence markets also receive various services from TurkMarin, to keep aligned with the changing market requirements.

With its advanced engineering capabilities, TurkMarin is involved in various R&D projects, related mainly to defence

programs. Company’s headquarters is located in a technopolis, in Golcuk area, where the main base of Turkish Navy is also situated. The area also hosts shipbuilding, heavy metal, automotive and oil industries.

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