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  Success Checklist

Craft Customer Incentives:
Structure incentives for clients, so that they can claim our success as their own success;
Deliver what the client exactly needs and exhibit a quantifiable value add (reduced investment and/or operating costs, avoidance of delays and reworks, increased efficiency);
Display strong dedication.

Assure Customer Success:
Communicate the rendered services simply and without any ambiguity to clients;
Take responsibility; give customers confidence;
Strengthen the position of the client;
Be success focused! Deliver success and not a flood of papers.

Deserve Reliability:
Put yourself in the client’s position;
Find a common language;
Keep your promises; meet commitments;
If a the client is dissatisfied with your services, be constructive and immediately hunt for a solution;
Compare your performance with those better than you, NOT with those you are better than.

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